Who am I? I am family, graduation, maternity, children, engagement, quinceanera, newborn, wedding, and event portrait photographer based in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Why am I a photographer? I always enjoyed documenting life happenings through scrapbooking. Yes, I was one of those avid scrapbookers; I even have t-shirts to prove it. After the birth of my children, I wanted to capture better pictures and bought my first SLR camera. I would go to my kids events and not only take pictures of them but I would end up taking pictures of everyone else's children too. I couldn't help it, I just wanted to capture those one in a lifetime moments. In 2013, I had a life altering experience; I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Life's perspective changes and all of a sudden it became more important to accomplish something that I loved so much but always put off. I absolutely love capturing life, love, and precious moments; I knew I needed to move to making my love of "capturing life's moments" one picture at a time a reality.

Let me not only share in your moment but let me tell your story through the eye of my lens. 

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