What Should I Wear?

The number one question I always get as a photographer is “What should I wear?” My response is to wear something that represents your personal style. Pictures last forever so it’s important to love what you’re wearing. With that said, there are some guidelines you’ll need to follow so your pictures turn out looking great. Depending on where your photo shoot is, your outfit should be appropriate for that specific location. Stiletto heels might be a great idea for studio or building locations, but not such a great idea for outdoor parks or the beach. Here are some general guidelines: 

1.  Again, wear what makes you feel happy and comfortable. Have you ever dressed for a wedding or event and were miserable because your outfit was uncomfortable? Or you pulled at the dress or tie the entire event? If you wear something that isn’t comfortable, it will show in the images. Not only do you want to look your best, you want to feel your best too. 

2. Wear what fits well, especially with kids. Try to buy them just right clothing and shoes, not clothes they will grow into. 

3. Try to avoid large logos, emblems, or sayings on your clothing unless the logo or saying has a purpose in expressing your uniqueness such as a team sport, school logo, etc. If it ties into the photo shoot that is okay but otherwise I would avoid it. 

4. Try to avoid wearing fluorescents, they tend to give off an unwanted hue of color to the photos. Try to stick to versions of primary colors (mustard, brick, royal blue, etc.) or neutrals (black, beige, white, gray, etc.)

5. If you are doing outdoor photos, don’t wear green. You will blend in the scenery. 

6.  Coordinating outfits is the key to family photo shoots. You want to start with one outfit and build from there. Don’t do the matchy matchy thing. For example: choose shades of blues with shades of beige and browns. 

7.  Add accessories to your wardrobe. It adds dimension. Accessorize with belts, necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers, etc. 

8. Iron all outfits before the shoot. Consider bringing an outfit change for clothing that wrinkles easily. Wrinkled clothing in images takes away from the picture. 

9. Try not to wear new shoes for the first time during a photo shoot. If you buy new shoes for the photo shoot make sure you break them in well beforehand to avoid any blisters or unwanted markings. For shoes you already own, make sure that they are clean and in good shape. 

10. If you wear glasses: consider going without them for the photo shoot. The glasses can give off a glare when flash is being used which will take away from the pictures. It also makes it more difficult for the photographer to get quality photos. 

11. Make-up: if you are going for the glamour shots then consider having your make-up done by a professional. If you are going for more of the natural look, do it yourself just try to stick to more natural eye shadow tones. Putting too much makeup on in professional photos doesn’t always turn out well. You have to think that these images are much sharper than those taken on a cell phone so everything is intensified. 

12. Nails and toes (if showing) should be clean, trimmed, and if polished (not chipped). 

13. Suntans are great, just try to avoid them a few days before a photo shoot. 

If you are unsure of what to wear, send me options! I would
be more than happy to give suggestions.

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