Voice of the People

Kelly Navarro, CPO better known as the “Voice of the People” reached out to me for studio/lifestyle headshots for a magazine. I assumed this was a local magazine; I never imagined that Kelly Navarro was being featured on Hispanic Executive Magazine, a subsidiary of Forbes. Kelly has an amazing story to tell. She has overcome immense obstacles and challenges and has become a very successful CPO. An immigrant with no support system and at one point homeless, Kelly’s tireless tenacity and determination for success has brought her to this journey today. Navarro states, “I was raised by fearless women who instilled in me that one’s voice is a powerful tool to ignite change that transports us into a future with endless possibilities that can be used for doing what’s right, rather than what’s easy; to create change for the greater good, rather than being silenced by fear.” Want to learn more, or have Kelly as your motivational speaker? Connect with her on Linkedin: navarroskelly or by email navarroskelly@gmail.com

Read her amazing story: 


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