Five-Year Cancer Free Cake Smash

Cancer- It’s a scary disease that today has many avenues to a cure. Today, survival rates are statistically higher, but the cure is never guaranteed. I met this beautiful young lady about two years ago when I moved to Palm Coast, Florida. She was young, beautiful, had the most bubbly personality, and surprisingly was a “pink sister”. How can that be possible? Cancer, even breast cancer, has no age limits. At the peak of life, starting careers, considering marriage and children, and so many other adventures….being diagnosed with cancer, triple positive stage 3 breast cancer, is not something a 29 year old even considers as a realm of possibilities. Knowing all of this and understanding the struggles of chemo, radiation, and surgery, my comment to her was, “When you hit your five year anniversary we are going to celebrate with a cake smash.” Her reply, “Okay, let’s do it.” So here we are celebrating this huge milestone. I am so happy to be able share this moment with her. 

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